Full HD MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV player for iPad, iPhone. No conversion needed.

Windows or Mac, transfer any video hassle free using iTunes and enjoy them anytime anywhere on your iOS device without internet. To transfer video Open iTunes -> Select device -> Select Apps (at left panel) -> Scroll down to File Sharing section -> Select ezVideo -> Click Add button at bottom right and select video file! Get the app

Just 3 easy steps

Step 3

Run both Apps simultaneously and get your favourite Videos & Audios on your iPhones / iPads / iPod Touches.


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Watch your MKV, MP4 and MOV movie files on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch without conversion - just copy files to your device through iTunes or over Wifi!

You can find detail tutorial here: http://ideaxecution.com/ezvideo/tutorial

Please feel free to email us at ezvideo@ideaxecution.com with your suggestions and feedback.

We have created an online help module at http://ezvideo.freshdesk.com

Note: To delete particular Video File, you just need to slide your finger upon it horizontally left to right.

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